Training & CPD

Training & CPD

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Training Workshops and CPD

  • If you’d like to find out more about the System' Building Products’ training options, arrange specific or bespoke product training - simply get in touch and discuss your goals.
  • We promise that what ever activity you choose, whether it's onsite training, a factory tour or a focused CPD, you will leave with all the crucial information you need to know when considering, specifying and installing our products and systems. You'll be left with the understanding of each product or system's key performance characteristics, benefits, and maintenance requirements.

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Tailored to you, adding value

  • We can tailor your training workshop or CPD to meet your specific needs, making 100% sure that you will leave with the information that adds value to you, your team and your project.
  • SBP Overview Day – This includes:  A factory tour at our head offices in Worcester, followed by lunch and concluded with an afternoon delving into the product, system and service offering.
  • Lunchtime CPD - A 45-minute session over lunch for you and your team.
  • Company focused – Invite a group of employees to take part in a workshop at your offices, tailored to your needs.
  • Project focused – A project focused workshop delivered to members of the project team, so that they get an in-depth understanding of the systems and products being used on the project.
  • On-site best practice – A workshop to inform the on-site teams about best practice on installation and treatment of our products and systems that are being used on your project.

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Throughout history, the building industry has taken on a myriad of shapes, styles and textures. Whether in response to emerging technologies, new approaches, anticipation of future trends or a respectful take on the past, architecture is a living reminder of how our urban environment has evolved and continues to evolve year on year. Architecture today needs to deliver on so much, from meeting standards and environmental ratings to maximising value and achieving uniqueness.

At System Buildings Products, we understand this, and by combining our expertise and your project needs, we will deliver the systems and results you expect.