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System EF

System EF is a competitively priced system which matches the quality of System EX-24 but with less load capability.

It uses the same unique patented hooking system which allows for a fast, easy and secure installation; with simple de-mounting.

The 24mm wide tee grid system has flexible profiles and is compatible with both square and standard Tegular edged tiles across all materials.

Standard modules that can be formed with System EF are 600x600 and 1200x600 but a variety of others can be accommodated.


  • Tough galvanised steel sections with stitched strengthening
  • Patented connector clip for simple, secure installation and easy demounting
  • Available in white, black or silver as standard
  • Compatiable with Mineral Fibre, Soft Fibre and Gypsum ceiling tiles

For more information please download the datasheets.

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