Mesh Ceilings

Mesh Ceilings

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Mesh Ceilings

The Burgess By System' range of mesh ceilings will provide a rustic and industrial look to complement your interior designs. Choose from an infinite number of styles, designs and colour finishes.

What makes mesh unique?

Traditional Expanded Metal Mesh is basically a sheet of metal with diamond shaped holes.

The holes are produced by using an ‘expanding machine’, which uses a pressured slitting and stretching process to transform solid metal sheets and coils into beautifully finished, expanded metal mesh.

Due to the decorative patterns being created by the slits and stretching, there is zero waste generated.

The process for expanding metal was first patented in Hartlepool, UK in the 1880s and despite the amount of time which has elapsed since then, the process remains true to the original idea. The process is simple but incredibly effective...

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