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The Lay-in tiles available from Burgess By System' are designed to complement the aesthetics of the project through their clean, modular appearance.

The term lay-in refers to tiles that have minimal tile face coverage by the supporting exposed grid as distinct from lay-on tiles where the face of the tile is fully visible.

Lay-in tiles are used with exposed grid table usually 24/15mm wide although different grid table widths are available.

These can be supplied in a range of standard sizes shown below or tailor made to suit a particular application. Where lay-in perforated tiles are required it is recommended that the supported edges of the tile are perforated and the un-supported edges (usually the long sides) have plain borders.

This arrangement provides the appearance of a plain border edged tiled ceiling with the exposed table grid providing the border on the supported edges. The grid is supported by GT114 hangers at 1200mm maximum centres in both directions.


  • Stability of interlocking exposed grid
  • Easy lift-up access to void
  • Clean, modular ceiling
  • Durable, washable, smooth polyester coating
  • Most popular sizes available from stock
  • Lights and grilles easily integrated
  • 1/2 hour fire rating assessment
  • Class 1 and Class 0 Surface spread of flame.

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