Capex A1 - 100% non-combustible

Capex A1

A1 fire-rated panel

Fire safe, endless design possibilities, longevity and low maintenance

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An A1 non-combustible rainscreen system which delivers both technically and aesthetically

The Capex A1 Rainscreen Cladding System consists of a pre-finished, solid aluminium cladding panel which is A1 fire rated. This unique panel delivers functionality without compromising on creative architectural design. Capex A1 can be fabricated through bending, routing, curving, drilling, stamping, punching, cutting and perforating - plus finished in any colour or design that you can think of.

A1 Fire Rated

The Capex A1 is a solid aluminium panel (2 or 3mm thick) pre-painted with fire-resistant paint. This makes the panel truly 100% non-combustible. Capex A1 has been tested and certified to achieve an A1 classification to EN13501-1.

The System

Designed to deliver a non-combustible solution. The Capex A1 Fire-rated Rainscreen panel system can be fitted as either cassette or flat face fixed panels onto a suitably designed support framework solution.

The Panel

The Capex A1 panel is produced using a 2 or 3mm magnesium AlMg3 solid aluminium, non-combustible substrate. Our unique panel is then coated in a continuous coil-coating process with a PVdF (polyvinylidene fluoride) or a Lumiflon® / FEVE coating system. To complete the panel we coat the painted side with a UV-resistant protective film.

capex a1 fire rated rainscreen panel from system building products       capex a1 fire rated rainscreen panel from system building products

The Coating

The PVdF or FEVE coating system can be applied in 2, 3 or 4 paint layers in all RAL colours, EURAS anodised colours, Patina, Stone, Zinc, Wood and Iridescent effect finishes and in all gloss levels. A full-colour matching service is also available upon request.

The continuous coil-coating process using PVdF or FEVE coating systems are known for their high resistance to UV, weather, seawater and industrial pollution with surface durability, as well as colour consistency - providing the material of choice for outdoor architectural applications. The PVdF coating is also ‘low maintenance’ in terms of time and cost, as these surfaces repel dirt and are easy to clean using only neutral detergents with warm water.

Capex A1 features

  • A1 fire rated classification to EN13501-1
  • 100% Non-combustible
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Rainscreen System or Cladding Panel options
  • Endless colour options
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • High resistance to Ultra Violet
  • Extremely durable suitable for external and internal use

For more information please download the datasheet.

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