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DCS031 static calculations request form

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Downer is a cladding/façade support system which features a unique cladding rail support bracket (CRSB), which has been engineered to provide a universal solution façades, whatever the building structure, the carrier rails, and whether for fixed or floating-point rail support.

The simplicity of the Downer system allows it to be used safely with any Omnis By System' façades, including Rainscreens, LokFold, LokFaçade and RibLok, as well as other manufacturers’ own façade systems.

The design of the bracket makes it inherently stronger than other similar systems, both in carrying capacity and in pullout strength, which enables fewer brackets to be used making the system faster and more economical to install. The two clips at the extremities of the bracket allow for simple positioning of the carrier rails prior to levelling and fixing. Having only one bracket for use either left handed or right handed, and for vertical applications, makes designing the whole carrier system simpler, quicker and more cost-effective.

    • DCS031 brackets are made from 6063T6 (40 to 280mm brackets) and 5251 (310 to 400mm) aluminium grade.
    • Isolator pad is not bonded to helping hand bracket.
    • There are 16 standard size brackets to accommodate cavities between 49mm up to 442mm (Isolator pads are NOT factored in to the range, + 5mm)

Bracket with bonded isolation pad. There are five standard size brackets to accommodate overall subgrid depths from 83mm to 245mm. Other sizes are available upon request.

Downer DCS031 static calculations request form

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Complete the form to request static calculations for our Downer DCS031 – Helping Hands© brackets & carrier rail system.

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